In The Beginning

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It all started with a question...

Was it possible to create a unique sustainable sportswear brand that at the same time can benefit the planet?


DISHONOR™ was created as a sustainable and ethical alternative to the existing sportwear brands in the marketplace.  Uneasy with global waste, the exploitation of workers and the world resources it was important that there was a premium sports-fashion alternative choice for people to make. 

We believe looking good should not impact negatively on others or the planet, it should be a complete process that is easy, fun and sustainable. 

A major contributor to water pollution, plastic pollution and Co2 emissions the fashion industry is one of the most detrimental and polluting industries to the planet. An average consumer throws away 32 Kg of clothes per year resulting globally in 13 million tons of textile waste. 95% of which could have been reused or recycled. We are on a mission to make amazing sustainable clothes that will last, and you will want to wear forever! 

Creating an altruistic brand that benefits others may be a profound thought, but it is not an easy concept to fulfil. By circumventing the traditional “Seasons” and focusing on delivering one Collection that drops throughout the year we’re able to provide higher-quality, sustainable, better-looking clothing that has genuine quality and longevity.  

From the start it became clear that designing and engineering silhouettes from sustainable luxurious textiles with careful craftsmanship was at the heart of the brand, but we needed to do more. We are committed to facing the challenges within the fashion industry and climate change head on. Right from the start we decided to put our brand values at the heart of the design process to help define DISHONOR™

Just part of our commitment to a better future includes protecting the planet form deforestation, damage to ecosystems and communities affected by the fashion industry. We work alongside a number of verified carbon initiatives on our carbon footprint and to plant trees in Global reforestation projects.

We are proud to be developing a dedicated global following as a brand that helps people feel good about what they are buying and wearing.

Now it’s important that we get more people joining the conversation about sustainability. We know this is just the beginning and having a sustainable future starts with education and applying the principles not just across fashion but across all our lifestyles on a daily basis.


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