This recipe is ideal for an indulent breakfast or a delicious desert, and with only 4 ingredients is so easy to create. 

The coconut and chia mix creates a super creamy texture, while the mango adds the perfect sweetness. Chia seeds are a great way to get some added protein, fibre and omega 3 into your diet. 


makes 4 servings

2 large mangos

1 tin (400ml) coconut milk

70g chia seeds

160g granola  

toppings - any of your choice, we used coconut flakes, dried mango, pumpkin seeds, almonds and raisins. 



1. Soak the chia seeds in a bowl with the coconut milk. Leave the mix in the fridge overnight; or at least for an hour until the mixture is firm.

2. Remove the skin from the mangos and cut into small cubes.

3. Remove the coconut chia mix from the fridge.

4. In a glass, layer the mango cubes, chia mix and granola. 

5. Add your toppings of choice and serve.


One of the great things about this recipe is that you can change the fruit layer to whatever flavour you like..... we've also tried it with pineapple, peach, and strawberries.

Try for yourself and let us know which is your favourite way to have this pudding. Remember to tag us @dishonorlondon