DISHONOR is a brand that understands that to have a fair and sustainable world the decisions we make at every stage determine our values, our voice and our future.

We recognise that as we grow, so do our responsibilities, and welcome the opportunity to do more and be a voice that helps raise awareness and helps drive positive changes in how the fashion industry exploits workers, the environment and the world’s resources.

We believe that our sustainable, ethical, environmental and social policies are both ethically correct and fiscally responsible. To that end, we are committed to improving the way we work in order to better the world in which we live.

The purpose of our corporate social responsibility strategy is to drive positive change within our brand and our world in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In arriving at the goals and objectives it’s important to note that we have partnered with verified partners and charities for sustainability, carbon, deforestation, environment in our fight against the negative impact of the fashion industry on climate change.