We believe a brand is more than just the image it portrays. 

We want to be able to make a difference to the world and the people in it along the way. Ethical trading and respect for human rights are at the core of our values. We also believe that as a company it is our duty to give something back to the communities in which we work. We don’t just want to meet ethical standards, we aim to exceed them.

We select and approve all our suppliers personally to ensure that our manufacturing and suppliers operate in full compliance of all applicable laws, rules and regulations so we can safely guarantee that high ethical and environmental standards are met across the board.


It is these values that help drive our design aesthetic and we express ourselves through our unique utilitarian, minimalist and monochrome design aesthetic values:

Innovation. By searching for and developing the latest cutting edge techniques and utilising the best manufacturing process with ingenuity and innovation we can create unique technical fashion and sportswear.

Craftsmanship. To create products with both style and substance you need attention to detail from the best at their craft. We only use the best factories who can guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship so our products are built to last.

Responsibility. Commitment to social responsibility and  ethical and sustainable practises from initial design all through the process to delivering the product to your door.

Exclusivity. Always 100. We only make one hundred of each style.  It is the on hundred process that helps us in our  quest to keep growing, improving and continuously searching for new and exciting materials, silhouettes and finishes.

There is beauty in simplicity and this key design focus is vital to creative expression when creating something that is totally fit for purpose. The culmination of all our values means we can deliver in something meaningful and real, quality products that our customers across the world love to wear.