This feel good smoothie recipe is one of our absolute favourites!

A super easy and enjoyable way to get all the greens you need. Enjoy the fun of a smoothie with the benefits that fresh ingredients bring.

Refreshing, healthy and great for a cleanse the goodness comes in the form of  ginger and celery to aid digestion and lower cholesterol. The Chia contributes towards your daily omega 3 intake. The Spinach delivers a hit of iron and bone supporting vitamin K and the cool refreshing anti oxidant cucumber helps hydrate.



1 stick celery

Chunk of cucumber

125g Pineapple chunks

Handful of Spinach

Nob of Ginger

2 tbsp Chia seeds

1 tbsp Flax seeds

Almond milk


You can have fun experiment with quantities to your preference, chuck it all in and blend! More recipes coming soon on our social @dishonorlondon