Why do we donate part of every sale to both protect existing forests and planting new trees?

The short answer is, both actions are essential in the fight against climate change. It’s incredibly important to protect old forests as well as the new. New trees take years to develop their carbon-absorbing powers; mature forests are already doing the job.

The Amazon Rainforests are home to over 10% of the world's known species. It's estimated that there are over 40,000 different plants, many of which are the basis of essential pharmaceutical medicines. 

Illegal timber poaching and commercialisation of the rainforest is leading to deforestation at an alarming rate of three football fields per minute. It takes decades to recover the damage done in a single minute. Preserving these ecosystems, and supporting local communities that protect them are also brilliant side effects of conserving existing trees. 


We believe that we all have a responsibility to protect the world in which we love. If the rainforest is the lungs of the planet together we can help the world breathe.