About Us



The Dishonor sportswear brand was created by British designer Chris Dodsworth who started the brand as an alternative to the existing brands in the marketplace.  Uneasy with the global waste, exploitation of workers and the world resources it was important that there was an alternative choice for people to make. 


After a period of working in the fashion industry Chris set up his company's headquarters in London EC1 and in 2017 the brand was born. It became clear that designing and engineering elegant silhouettes cut from luxurious textiles with careful craftsmanship was at the heart of the brand.  The details of tailoring and subtle branding go hand in hand with the brands avant-garde aesthetic in defining the brands style.


 Creating an altruistic brand that benefits others may be a profound thought but is not an easy concept to fulfil.  As a start up sustainable designer brand Chris began Dishonor by circumventing the traditional seasons and focused on delivering one Capsule Collection per year that delivers key sustainable signature pieces that all work seamlessly together.


In 2019, in order to pursue creating a brand on his own terms he decided to relocate the head quarters outside of central London to Hampshire. Choosing the right environment to develop the brand has allowed Chris to continue to develop a brand that is environmentally friendly, supports the artisans in manufacture as well as give the customers a product at the best price.


 We are proud to be developing a dedicated global following and a brand that helps people feel good about what they are buying and wearing as we go beyond the sportswear.