Our Journey

We are proud to be developing a dedicated global following and a brand that helps people feel good about what they are buying and wearing as we go beyond the sportswear.

We believe a brand is more than just the image it portrays. We want to be able to make a difference to the world and the people in it along the way. Ethical trading and respect for human rights are at the core of our values.

It all started with a question. Was it possible to create a unique, affordable, utilitarian fashion sportswear brand that has premium and luxury quality, with minimalist, monochrome principles and is technically good enough for both sports and fashion in any conditions?

We believe in doing things a little differently and we firmly advocate investing in quality over quantity. That is why we choose the best quality fabrics and the use the highest skilled people during the manufacturing process to create our beautifully sportswear. We want to create something special that is built to last.