Social Responsibility - DISHONOR

Social Responsibility

DISHONOR is a brand that understands that to have a fair and sustainable world the decisions we make at every stage determine our values, our voice and our future.

We recognise that as we grow, so do our responsibilities, and welcome the opportunity to do more and be a voice that helps raise awareness and helps drive positive changes in how the fashion industry exploits workers, the environment and the world’s resources.

Plant And Protect - DISHONOR

Plant And Protect

Why do we donate part of every sale to both protect existing forests and plant new trees? We believe that we all have a responsibility to protect the world in which we love.

Give Back - DISHONOR


Across all areas of our business, we are working hard to be part of an elevated world that operates within nature’s boundaries and continuously improve our environmental footprint. 

Ethical - DISHONOR


We believe we can all make a difference and we use these beliefs and values in the design process to create a socially conscious designs that customers can trust. It is important in the process to ask what's the most we can do to create an amazing product.


Low Impact - DISHONOR

Low Impact

We believe in doing things a little differently and we firmly advocate investing in quality over quantity. That is why we choose the best quality sustainable fabrics and the use the highest skilled people during the manufacturing process to create our beautifully sportswear.


In our journey to become carbon neutral environmentally-friendly brand that invests in sustainability initiatives, we are excited to work with Pachama to counteract the environmental impact of creating our unique designer sportswear.

Plastic Free - DISHONOR

Plastic Free