In the beginning it all started with a question...

Was it possible to create a unique sustainable sportswear brand that at the same time can benefit the planet?


The fashion industry is one of the most detrimental to the planet, communities and ecosystems. Looking good should not impact negatively on others or the planet, it should be a complete process that is easy and fun. 

We believe that by circumventing traditional “Seasons” we’re able to provide higher-quality, sustainable, better-looking clothing that has genuine quality and longevity.

All our designs are crafted to be technically good enough for both sports and fashion in any conditions. Through capsule collections we design each item to work seamlessly  together so whichever piece you choose it should leave you happy, good-looking and benefiting others.

We believe we can all make a difference. That you can shape the world before your eyes. We believe everyone has the right to be the best version of themselves and be who they want to be.


We use these beliefs and values in the design process  to create a socially conscious brand that customers can trust. It is important in the process to ask what's the most we can do to create an amazing product.


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