It is clear that the fashion industry is one of many sectors that need to make big changes to be ethical and sustainable but rarely does the conversation highlight the secondary benefits for the consumer.

So what is in it for you when you choose to buy from an ethical and sustainable brand? Here are a few of the benefits!



When a fabric is woven using certified organic materials like cotton, it is produced without carcinogenic, toxic or any allergenic chemicals. So not only does this make for a more comfortable, non itchy wear, but these garments are also better for the health of your skin and the environment long term.

Generally technical fibres are produced from weaving and spinning polyester in different ways but natural fabrics such as cotton are also better at stopping us feeling sweaty. Handwoven fabrics generally have a wider weave too so they are naturally breathable helping you remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter.



 If you buy better quality and choose garments that you love then it stands to reason that you will wear them more and they will last you longer. This means you won't need to buy so much disposable fashion that exploits workers and the environment and is not make to last.

Every second a truck full of clothing is burned, or buried in a landfill. Slowing fast fashion down is a good first step towards sustainability and leaves long term leaves you with money in your pocket.



Setting up a brand, building a trusted ethical supply chain and with the right accreditations is an expensive and time-consuming business. To do this we have to have a very strong desire to make positive change and are driven to give you the best products and the best service we can.

Ethically and sustainable sourced fabrics and products ensures better working conditions, pay and quality of life for garment workers and their communities. By buying clothing that use less toxic chemicals and carbon in production makes a huge contribution to the quality of our soil, our water and our air.

Buying ethical keeps you on the right side of change and quite rightly makes you look and feel really amazing about your choices.



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