The race to the bottom has become fast and frantic in fashion and it benefits no one but the big brands that give nothing back and reap the profits.

The impact of the brands using the worlds resources at an ever increasing rate with no consequences and practising low prices leads us to consume more every year. The average consumer now purchases over 60% more clothes than they did  20 years ago in the year 2000!

There are some scary figures on water usage, CO2 production and toxic chemicals used in fashion but the numbers that are easiest to visualise are; 1 garbage truck full of clothes is dumped into landfill every second and 50% of the cheap fast fashion purchases are binned within the first year of purchase. A waste of your hard earned money that makes the planet weaker every year.

Somewhere along the journey the world has forgotten about its responsibility to protect the environment, the workers and delivering a quality product in favour of share prices and profit. We believe that there is a better way and a compromise that improves both the social and environmental impact.

 The reality is that sustainability is not a quick fix its a continuous commitment and everyone plays their part. So what next? 

As with all progress it starts with education about slow fashion, buying better and buying less. We aim inspire others to get thinking and talking about who makes their clothes. Those initial steps and choices along with more people joining in the revolution against fast fashion will lead to big differences.