save the rainforest


We believe we can all make a difference. That you can shape the world before your eyes. We believe everyone has the right to be the best version of themselves and be who they want to be.

We use these beliefs and values in the design process  to create a socially conscious brand that customers can trust. It is important in the process to ask what's the most we can do to create an amazing product.


We work with the very highest level of manufacturers, developing strong, long-term partnerships to promote understanding of International Ethical Trading practices. Working with our factories to promote respect for workers’ rights, ensuring workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and who enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equality.


We fully recognise the importance of the people and the countries where we manufacture and we require any associated manufacturer or supplier to share our commitment to fair and safe working practices. Our manufacturing locations are personally selected, inspected via an independent, fully recognised and accredited Ethical Auditing body, supported with continuous monitoring by our local representatives. This ensures working conditions and practices are of the highest standard and within local Government Laws.


In addition to ensuring our high ethical and sustainable standards are achieved, through our “Give Back” initiative we support and sponsor a number of charities within the communities in which we work and manufacture.